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Why does it take so long for your IT guy

Why does it take so long for your IT guy to fix stuff? Well, when you are not planning and addressing things proactively, then both of you work in fire-fighting mode. Along with all the other customers that aren’t planning. Our Catalyst Service allows you to manage proactively, reduce downtime, and focus on your business rather than on you IT issues.

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When speaking to new potential customers

When speaking to new potential customers, we often hear “we are fine, we have a computer guy”. This morning, a potential customer told me this. His website was currently hacked, his Facebook page has 1 pic and no information about his company, his computer guy really works for someone else and takes care of him “on the side”. I guess everyone has their own definition of Everything is Fine. ISS wants to help businesses that want to grow their profit margins, work more efficiently, and become their best.

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Does your IT company keep you in the com

Does your IT company keep you in the communications loop?
Experience our Closed Loop communications that keeps our customers up to date on all of their service tickets, projects, etc.

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