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PERSPECTIVE: Here at ISS, we love Apple

PERSPECTIVE: Here at ISS, we love Apple and Windows operating systems. But I wanted to clear up a common misconception. If anyone was to spend the same amount on a Windows computer that is designed for the tasks you typically perform as you would spend on a Mac computer; your experience, dependability, speed, and longevity would be at least equal. Apple products are great, but I see many businesses going through LOTS of pain to use Mac’s because of incompatible software or having to change their Main Line of Business software and it is not necessary. Get good advice on what IT solutions are best for your business so you can get back to your business. Have a great day!!

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Some of the potential customer we meet w

Some of the potential customer we meet with are not good fits for ISS. Sometimes ISS is not a good fit for some potential customers. But a conversation about business and technology will always be beneficial. If for no other reason, you can find out what other experiences are out there and what do they cost. Maybe your IT provider is fantastic. Let’s talk about it to find out for sure. 337.506.2100,, Making IT work since 1999.

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Many businesses determine the value of t

Many businesses determine the value of their IT or Security provider by how many problems they solve. Our Catalyst customers determine our value by how few problems they ever have. We believe in preventing problems, not just solving them.

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