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Email headaches again? Lots of customers

Email headaches again? Lots of customers experiencing email issues these days. I posted some comments back on June 26, 2015 that included ways to avoid email headaches. The best suggestion is to move to an independent email provider rather using your Internet Service Provider for email. Use something like gmail. Yes, you can still use Outlook, Thunderbird, and other email applications. Yes, they are secure. Many of these independent providers even include SPAM filtering, simple malware scanning, etc. Need more information? Contact ISS,, 337.506.2100. Have a great day!!

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Happy Monday, we hope all of you had a w

Happy Monday, we hope all of you had a wonderful weekend. Going to be a HOT one this week, careful outdoors.
Microsoft has announced the end-of-life support for Windows Server 2003. We have identified several of our customers that are still using this Operating System on their server. Those we will be contacting today to perform an assessment on the effect to their business and present a plan for migration.
If you are not sure if you need to address this situation, let us know and we can assess and plan with you as well. We look forward to hearing from you.
Check this out from Microsoft.

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