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Ok, so this one won’t feel good but it

Ok, so this one won’t feel good but it’s really important. After my “100th” conversation about “I just happened to not lock my car last night, and they opened the door and stole my purse/phone/car”. I am completely convinced that thieves check our doors often, and when you happen to forget to lock it, BOOM!! They get lucky. Lock your doors. Don’t leave visible valuables in sight. And especially at night, be aware of your surroundings. Stay Safe. ISS 337.506.2100 Your professional IT & Security Solution Provider.

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When choosing technology solution provid

When choosing technology solution providers, what’s important? What email product they use? NO! What anti-virus product they use? NO! What kind of computers they sell? NO! What backup system the use? NO! What is important is YOUR result at the end of the day. Were you able to work on your business? Does the IT provider understand your business and help you use your technology to satisfy your business goals? Does your IT provider inform you of what you should be concerned about, what things you need to plan and/or budget for? Or do you have to tell them, ask them, constantly concern yourself with IT decisions or issues? IS IT TIME FOR US TO TALK? I think so. Call ISS 337.506.2100

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Although Acadiana businesses perked up e

Although Acadiana businesses perked up earlier this year, there is still much hesitation and conservatism due to the lukewarm oil & agriculture industries. ISS is the technology that wants to understand your business and help you streamline in any and all ways with good business practices and leveraging your current technology. Compare our customers END of DAY RESULT to yours. The conversation is free. I am anxious for your call. Bo Soileau, 337.506.2100,

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