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DocuSign Organization Administration: A Guide for Organization Administrators

Your customers may be considering moving to a DocuSign platform, but do they know how DocuSign could benefit their business specifically?

This eBook explores the DocuSign Organization Administration, a management infrastructure that enables customers to control how DocuSign is deployed in their companies. With tools that allow customers to view and manage accounts from one centralized location, the DocuSign Organization Administration helps customers organize DocuSign capabilities to support their workflows.

View: DocuSign Organization Administration: A Guide for Organization Administrators

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How Does DocuSign eSignature Work?

Acquiring signatures from anywhere, and from any device, is simple with DocuSign eSignature. It’s also easy (and free) for the user to review and sign documents which can then be stored and accessed with a DocuSign eSignature account.

Want a customized signature? No problem. Need to sign a PDF? Easy. Have payments to collect? DocuSign Payments allows electronic collection at the time of signature. Best news yet? There’s a DocuSign eSignature app.

Check out this blog post for more on how to use the trusted DocuSign eSignature from any device, and without needing to leave your favorite CRM.

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Customer Story: T-Mobile

Team leaders at T-Mobile knew they wanted to provide a better experience for their customers but were unsure about what the company’s next steps should be.

Moving business transactions to the DocuSign Agreement Cloud empowered salespeople at T-Mobile to work side by side with customers, guiding them through the agreement process on handheld devices. With a significantly faster and more convenient way to do business, both customers and employees benefit.

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How DocuSign Helps UT Austin Stay Efficient and Accountable

The University of Texas, Austin (UT Austin) has more than 51,000 students, 18 colleges and schools, and a hospital system to manage. DocuSign Agreement Cloud has been key to the university’s digital transformation — helping teams across departments improve efficiency and accountability. Read this case study to learn more about how UT (Austin) leverages DocuSign to succeed.

View: How DocuSign Helps UT Austin Stay Efficient and Accountable

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DocuSign Identify Platform and ID Verification

You probably already know that DocuSign simplifies the agreement process, but did you know that DocuSign can help users verify their identity while completing sensitive transactions online?

The DocuSign Identity Platform makes it easy for users to verify their identity however they choose. It’s globally applicable so users can verify their identity from almost anywhere in the world, from whatever device they prefer. Check out this datasheet for more on how DocuSign provides a faster and more secure agreement completion method.

View: DocuSign Identify Platform and ID Verification

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 DocuSign Identify

Today’s signers need to be able to prove who they are, from wherever they are.

When more sensitive transactions are completed online, signers need a secure and convenient way to do business and complete agreements. DocuSign ID Verification provides a digital method for easily verifying government-issued IDs for a seamless digital signing experience.

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