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VOIP Phone Systems

So, we are being swamped with old phone systems dying with many of our local customers. So I wanted to let you all know that ISS does have VOIP solutions to fit your business. I also wanted to let you know that supply for equipment is in very low supply. If you have a phone system older than 12 years, please call us so we can evaluate it, provide you with a proposal, so you can begin to budget changing it. 337.506.2100, Have a great weekend!! Oh, please share this with anyone you know that has a business in South and Southwest Louisiana.

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Research Report: State of Contract Management 2019

According to Forrester, contract lifestyle management is top of mind for many company leaders. In fact, 60% of organizations report that they intend to improve their contract management capabilities within the next year.

This research report examines common pain points in the contract management cycle and outlines the steps your customers can take to automate their system of agreement to the benefit of customers, employees, and the bottom line.

View: Research Report: State of Contract Management 2019

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Five Change Management Tips to Help You Do More With DocuSign

With strategic planning and expert guidance, change doesn’t need to be intimidating. Read this blog for a look at the 5 best practices behind the agency’s success — like training, communication and executive management — and to get access to a whitepaper that delves deeper into change management strategies.

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Customer Story: Blockparty

Dallas-based entertainment company Blockparty creates immersive and elaborate tailgating and fan experiences for sports and music lovers. Team leaders at Blockparty wanted a better way to manage business processes and provide fans with the ultimate game day or concert experience.

After adopting a DocuSign Agreement Cloud platform, employees at Blockparty could customize contracts to better fit company and customer needs. Blockparty simplified business processes and received overwhelmingly positive feedback from clients.

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DocuSign Organization Administration: A Guide for Organization Administrators

Your customers may be considering moving to a DocuSign platform, but do they know how DocuSign could benefit their business specifically?

This eBook explores the DocuSign Organization Administration, a management infrastructure that enables customers to control how DocuSign is deployed in their companies. With tools that allow customers to view and manage accounts from one centralized location, the DocuSign Organization Administration helps customers organize DocuSign capabilities to support their workflows.

View: DocuSign Organization Administration: A Guide for Organization Administrators

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How Does DocuSign eSignature Work?

Acquiring signatures from anywhere, and from any device, is simple with DocuSign eSignature. It’s also easy (and free) for the user to review and sign documents which can then be stored and accessed with a DocuSign eSignature account.

Want a customized signature? No problem. Need to sign a PDF? Easy. Have payments to collect? DocuSign Payments allows electronic collection at the time of signature. Best news yet? There’s a DocuSign eSignature app.

Check out this blog post for more on how to use the trusted DocuSign eSignature from any device, and without needing to leave your favorite CRM.

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Customer Story: T-Mobile

Team leaders at T-Mobile knew they wanted to provide a better experience for their customers but were unsure about what the company’s next steps should be.

Moving business transactions to the DocuSign Agreement Cloud empowered salespeople at T-Mobile to work side by side with customers, guiding them through the agreement process on handheld devices. With a significantly faster and more convenient way to do business, both customers and employees benefit.

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#1 CLM for the #1 CRM

Why is DocuSign a Magic Quadrant leader in CLM?

Read this Gartner datasheet for information on why DocuSign CLM is the chosen leader in contract lifecycle management. Customers gave high scores to DocuSign CLM for its integration with Salesforce, management of negotiations and approvals, document comparison abilities, and more.

View: #1 CLM for the #1 CRM

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Connect and Automate the Entire Contract Lifecycle

As your business grows, so does the complexity of managing your agreements.

Now, DocuSign CLM streamlines the agreement lifecycle by automating processes including generating contracts and orchestrating complex workflow. Do business faster while eliminating unnecessary risk, increasing compliance, and improving the employee and customer experience.

View: Connect and Automate the Entire Contract Lifecycle

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DocuSign CLM

This DocuSign CLM product demonstration is a game-changer for the entire agreement process.

Now, you can use DocuSign CLM to streamline agreement preparation, negotiation, and management. This video walks you through the entire process, so you also learn, for example, how to handle edits or make internal adjustments to agreements.

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